Waiting for Mary

Mother Mary has gifted me with the story of Her life. I’m not sure why She chose me, but I know that I had to follow Her direction. How could I say no? So I began writing two years ago. Well, actually it has been 11 years when I began to hear and channel Her holy messages
Now finally at Her request, Mother Mary’s life story in book form, is ready to go out into the world.
In fact, I asked Mary why I was chosen for this task. I am far from perfect in the sense, as some might say, for such a Holy journey. There are people on this earth who are much more educated and on higher a Spiritual plane than I. There are people who are more revered and would have more accessibility to market Her story to the world, than I could ever hope for.
Wouldn’t She want that more? But when I asked Her, “Mother Mary, why? Why did you choose me?” She said, “The answer to this question, can not be put into human words.” And I cried.
Actually I cried nearly the whole time She channeled Her story to me. There was always a box of tissues right beside me. But here it is, a box of books has arrived on my doorstep today. One of my dear friends said, “Oh, don’t worry Elizabeth, Mary is getting Her team together. She knows what to do to bring it to the world.”
So here I am, both entranced and amazed every single day. And I am letting you know, that I am humbly waiting for more sacred and magical directions from Mary.
HEART, Elizabeth

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