Welcome to the Circle


It was 2007, when I was getting ready for a trip to Switzerland.  I had always wanted to see the beautiful Alps of Switzerland and there was my chance to attend a convention in Mureen, Switzerland with Aura Soma Color Therapy.  Aura Soma is based in England and I had been studying the beautiful bottles of colors, doing healing work and giving readings from them for a few years.

On the night before the trip, I was hurriedly walking from the den to the kitchen. As I passed by my altar and on the way, I took a quick glance at Mother Mary.  “Sit down!” she said.  It was only the second time she had spoken to me. the first time was in a little gift shop when she told me to take her home 30 years before.  At first, I doubted it even though it was as clear as a bell. So I kept going.  Then, I stopped in my tracks and said to my anxiously busy self, “Well, that might be my mind playing tricks on me, but if I don’t sit down, I might miss something.”

So I went back to the altar and sat on the floor before Her. Almost immediately, She started talking, in my head. “I wish to speak to the world. I urge you to let me speak to the world.”

I thought, “How can I do that?”  Mary’s answer was this, “Form a circle of women friends and call it the Circle of Mary.”  I was both humbled at this moment of Grace and near in disbelief that I would hear Her voice again.  I thought to myself, “Well, ok when I get back, I will get a few spiritually inclined women together, so we can sit with Mary and see what happens. Maybe after a year or so, someone will write about it.  Then perhaps one day, it will be read all around the world.” “Certainly not me, though. I’m not a writer.” “Elizabeth”, She said to make Her point clear, “This will happen all over the world.”

As it was difficult to believe that Mother Mary would be talking to me, I suppose it was a blessing that I was too busy planning for my trip to really absorb the amazement of that conversation, a direct plea from the mother of Christ.