11 years ago. A blog restarted.

It was in the summer, 11 years ago, beginning with a trip to Switzerland on an Aura Soma Color Therapy course, when Mother Mary began imparting Her beautiful messages into my heart and soul. I decided then, that it was important to have a website as a way to allow Her messages to be brought to the world, as She had asked.

I will confess that at that time, I was a novice at the social media in blogging, web building and just getting the word out about anything online.  However, I am grateful that I felt what I know now, was the urgency of the Divine.
I am also grateful for my friend, Hillary Meister in helping me build this site, which I knew nothing about and had no desire, to learn to swim in these waters.

The world of technology has gotten easier for me and thank heavens even as we get older, we keep learning! Therefore, I am able to add to this site on a more regular basis and talk to you about the exquisite happenings of Mary’s story.
I hope you will stay tuned!  Gratefully and with Love, Elizabeth


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