Mother Mary’s connection

Over the years, I have asked Mary many questions. Some of these answers have not been included in the upcoming book, Mary Speaks – Beloved I Want to Tell You My Story.  I would like to share this one with you now which I had asked on July 22, 2018

Question:  Mother Mary,  Please tell me about your personal connection with God while you lived upon the Earth.

Mary:  I will tell you about my connection with God and also with my mother on this earth, my dear Mother Anna.

My connection was much like your connection with the Divine One in the time you were in India, only magnified and constant. This is why I knew my path clearly even in my mother’s womb. (Mother Mary is humble of course, as an offering to give a reference point of her pure enlightenment. – Tomorrow I will tell you about my experience in India.)

My mother knew this deep closeness to God as well. Yet Anna understood without question, that she was tasked in caring for the vehicle of the Holy Christ to be born into this world. She was acutely aware that this was her Divine purpose.

It was beloved Anna who helped me to love this beautiful world, through the preparations and care of food, as well as the joy of caring for and loving all plants and animals especially. She showed me how God’s love brought the animals for us in service of love and that His love is magnified in loving them. All things that grew, beautified and nourished the earth responded to her love, as did I.

The warmth of my dear mother’s love, kept me grounded to the earth. When I was for too long hours, deep in prayer and communion with my beloved God, she would wake me and sing in a happy, melodic voice, “Mary, Mary, Mary! Come outside with me! The water in the well waits for you and the good ground wishes to feel your feet!” Thus, I would arise from the Divine Bliss, called back to the earth again.

I tell you now, that my mother was the absolute Earth Mother Angel and should be worshiped and revered as such. Blessed are those who make an altar in her name!

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