A Little Bit About A Big Thing – Enlightenment

If you have been on the Spiritual Path, even for just a short time, you have heard about the ultimate achievement, Enlightenment.
What does it mean? The word enlightenment has been explained by many people of many religions and cultures. One Buddist monk said that it is nothing and it is something.

Maharishi, who brought Transcendental Meditation to the world, taught that enlightenment is being one with God in every state of consciousness, waking, dreaming and sleeping. The awareness that God is with you even in dreaming or deep sleep. This is what the state of enlightenment means and that, to me is something.

Mother Mary was in that state, even as human form all of Her life, since She was chosen as the vehicle to bring the Christ child into the world. Her son Jesus was born as God-conscious or One with God, because He was God and Human both. This may be a little difficult to digest or understand, since their enlightenment is possibly beyond our comprehension and limited also, by our human vocabulary.

However, when I visited Amma’s, ashram in India, many years ago, I was given the gift of enlightenment for a short 24 hours. I have never divulged such an experience publicly before, but since Mother Mary mentioned it in her offering of her relationship with God, I think She would like me to tell you now.

It was suggested that a vedic ritual be done for me to remove blocks from my spiritual path by pundits in the ashram. This was done very early morning, so I went back to my flat, meditated and fell asleep.

In my sleep, I felt my heart expanding into such a state of love that I could feel every beat of my heart so filled with bliss that I knew it was God permeating my body, mind and soul. When I woke up that feeling, that Enlightenment was still there and stayed with me every second of the day, even as I ate, talked to my friends and deep in my sleep all through the night.

It was the most gloriously blissful 24 hours of my life. I cried when I woke the next morning when I could no longer feel this enlightened state. I knew though, that it was a sign for me, so that I could let others know that Enlightenment is a reality and can be achieved. But I kept it to myself until now, only sharing it with some of my yoga students, since it was such a personal experience.

But now Mother Mary wants you to know that you can achieve Enlightenment. You can have that oneness with God.
Pursuing the Path to Enlightenment is a reality that can be achieved.

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